Friday, June 30

Would u eat here??

All restaurants were fully booked already on Wednesday save this one... Go figure. ;-)

Thursday, June 29

Restaurants aplenty

At least the food is good and the sake cool. The noodles are 'soba', 'udong' and 'ramen', many names for popular items...

Saturday, June 24

Tokyo Tower by Night

A natural stop for the Nightcrawler is the Tower, which claims superiority over the Eiffel with a few meters... :-)

Asakura Neighbors

Neighboring to Asakusa is the regular skyscapers that litter Tokyo. Apparently they are abundant in the city part of Shinjuku (close to Roppongi). Maybe that is a stop for next weekend, unless the weather is good enough to try it tomorrow Sunday.

Asakusa: Sensoji temple

Asakusa [a-sock-sa] is a part of Tokyo preserved in the state it was in when Tokyo was called Edo. Low buildings and traditional architecture.

Wednesday, June 21


Most (buddhi) shrines have a Torii in front of them. Torii means "gate" according to my sources. Picture has been taken, then zoomed and cropped by the W800 software.

Tuesday, June 20


This gem was found in one of the 12 main districts of Tokyo. Here, the bulk of the small and medium sized (Japan have those!) companies are located, thus the architecture is a bit "diversified".

Sunday, June 18

Ueno Park in Tokyo

Gateway leading to a buddhi shrine. Close to here they keep the flame from Hiroshima burning.

Saturday, June 17

Ginza district

These bandannas are so typical asian to me, not just the chars on them..

Friday, June 16

Night Vision

Testing the night mode... Soon bedtime.

Thursday, June 15

Compact living?!?

Now I understand why ppl have to live in drawers... Space Design.

Wednesday, June 14

Ginza heaven...

I found a Yoichi 12yrs... B-)

... and a lot of other stuff worth looking at.

Tuesday, June 13

Raw Food

Naturally I couldn't go too long without sushi... Maguro, ebi, tamago and wasabi are among the chosen dishes. And Yebisu to drink for a malt lover, cold of course.

Monday, June 12

After a long first day, I finished the evening by eating Pasta at a decent restaurant close to Shinagawa in Tokyo. Streets are bustling with activity but there is little noise and few beggars, a lot better than back in Sweden. I'll take it as my mission to learn a few words every day, added today is Sumimasen which I heard at the restaurant when someone wanted to get the attention of the waiter. Nighty night.

Sunday, June 11

Sleeping corner

And speaking of which... Zzz...

Wardrobe and working corner...

So this is how you live in 26 m2. What I always wondered but never wanted to find out for myself live...

Stenmark in Japan

Stenmark goes Japan! A visit to Tokyo should be interesting thought the publisher and decided to use his new phone (W800) for blogging pictures from Japan. He will try to update the site at least a couple of times per week, but it may be hard to find time to write a lot.