Monday, March 26

Common working day

One of the many to-dos here in Canada involves getting the Health Insurance program up and running. We visited the OHIP office this morning to hand in the papers, well prepared. Once there I was told by the screener lady that the papers I had was inadequate, but as I had prepared it by the book I did not give in but took a number and got in the line. When asked to present my case, the lady behind the counter looked at my papers, thanked me for a well prepare case and started preparing all the paper work. All went well and I could go to work with one thing less on my mind. For the application of permanent residency I needed information to proove that I had funds to support us in Canada, so I dropped by the bank office at 17.15 and got the papers I needed. I love banks who are actually there for you, I wish Swedish banks would learn even the tiniest from the Canadian TD Canada Trust. Well at home we ate before heading to the swimming pool for a swim to unwind. Peace.

Sunday, March 25

Cambridge Town March -07

In the area are many small towns, most of them unknown to me. The closest one is Cambridge, and below are three pictures from Cambridge / Galt on a cloudy day. Had the weather been better it would have been more fun to document the town, but this will be left for some other day. First picture depicts the Cathedral, second picture shows the Grand River that flows through the town and divides it in two parts and the last picture shows the Post Office (pretty imposing office). Cambridge holds about 150 000 people, Kitchener about 210 000 people and Waterloo roughly 110 000 people (possibly excluding the students, as not all of them are 'residentials' in the area). In Sweden or even in Europe this would be in an area of possibly 6x10 (=60) km2, but here the area is vastly larger, roughly 9x35 (=315) km2 (numbers estimated from GoogleEarth). This can also easily be understood when you see the towns (incl. town centres) in Canada, as people live in villas in the towns while townspeople in Sweden and Europe generally live in apartments or high-rises.

Sunday, March 11

View from Apartment Window

The picture is taken from the balcony of our temporary location in Kitchener, Canada. The below street is a back alley street, leading nowhere, but far away in the distance you can spot the Kitchener city center and also where Waterloo begins.

Sunday, March 4

Cerdanya Februar 2007

Assorted pictures from the Valley of Cerdanya in the north of Spain/ in the south of France. The fortress and church is from Mont Lluis while the architectural detail is from Lles and the cemetary picture is from close to Prats.