Tuesday, August 21

Lion Safari Cambridge August 11th

Just south of Cambridge lies a Lion Safari tour, which was established in the late 1960s. The lion safari features several different parts with different types of animals, from Lions and Cheetahs to the Monkey section to the Antiloops and Giraffes. If the weather is good, this is a pleasant day out in the wild and the park also features a small water park where you can bring children to play around. There is also a small railway as well as a boat tour through a small lake with several islands laden with monkeys. All in all a day well spent. :)

Niagara Falls July 24th

An old time friend from Sweden came over to visit in July, so we took a day off and went down to Niagara Falls with him to see what people were talking about. The town itself was as expected a tourist trap, but the falls were surprisingly beautiful, wide, low but still not too expensive. The general feeling was good and the visit was a positive one, which was more than expected. We travelled out into the falls with the boat Maid in the Mist, but did not walk behind the falls as many visitors do. After a few hours and a quick lunch we travelled to Niagara on the Lake and took a walk in the small village and enjoyed the waterfront. Out in this region there are many small wineyards, but we did not stop to taste the local wine on this trip. Cant do all in one day...

Toronto Harbor July 12th

In order to get a Chinese VISA we had to go to the Chinese embassy of Toronto, and this chance could not be missed to take a stroll along the harbourside and to enjoy a sunny day. I have posted anything for some time but will try to make amends for this during the fall time.
After having eaten a pleasant lunch among the boats in the harbour, we took some pictures of both the coastal guard and a large sailing ship which was chartered by a company for a late lunch. The weather turned cloudy but eventually cleared up again without any downpour