Sunday, June 22

Lannion, France, June 10, 2008

The standardization meeting was held in Lannion, a small town close to the picturesque Breton coast line. We had the opportunity to travel out to the coast and following here are a few pictures from Lannion as well as the coastal line near Perros-Guirec. We were also fortunate with the weather, which helped to make the trip a memory for life.

Paris in France, June 8, 2008

A 3GPP ETSI standardization work group meeting was held in Lannion, France in June. I did have some spare time to see also some major tourist sights in Paris, here are some pictures from the gorgeous town of Paris. As always in the major cities, walking the city streets I stumble upon the local Aston Martin shop... I was also fortunate to be able to meet some old friends in Paris; including a Swedish friend from my former University as well as a friend from my Spanish studies in Granada, Spain. I also spent one day touristing with a guy from Teheran, who lives and works in New Brunswick, Canada. Quite a coincidence!
Following this post will be some pictures from the smaller town of Lannion, France.

Kitchener (ON), April 19, 2008

Spring has been filled with activities, both at work and in the personal sphere. The most recent activities that took a lot of time was the move from Waterloo to Kitchener. Here are some pictures to show from the new home, just before moving in. The new apartment is better equipped to receive friends who might be visiting...