Sunday, January 27

Boston (MA), US, January 23rd

We had the opportunity to work for a few days in the US, my trip went to Boston in Massachusetts. Known mostly for its Seafood Cuisine, the 2 major Universities MIT and (US) Harvard, the town boasts a nice city core where walking is possible and recommended (imagine that in the US!!!) and a beautiful harbour. We found a nice restaurant called Legal Sea Food for lunch, we visited a Kansas Steakhouse and we also dropped by the bar from Cheers, the old time comedy series from the 1980-1990 television. We dropped by Newbury Street, we visited the Faneuil Hall and the Boston Market but we never did have time to visit the site for the Boston Tea Party. We also drove by Harvard and MIT and looked at the old buildings and the large areas at least surrounding Harvard. The roads in Boston were easy to drive on, there was surprisingly little traffic (we were driving around downtown and on the Interstates I-90 and I-93 between 9 and 4 on Thursday) and the only small snag we experienced was the Magellan 4-/N/everlost GPS who kept saying we should drive onto road exits that did not exist on the roads we were driving on. Street signs in Boston are for US standards fairly clear and easily read and not as confusing as in many other places/states in the US, so we had little use of the GPS here. But we had 2 lovely days and recommend the town to anyone who has the chance to drop by, so far my best experience of a US city.

Christmas, Dec 24th

Somewhat late, here is a Christmas photo to remind about the highlight of the year for all children, young and old. As a colleague pointed out, it is interesting that Santa every year remembers to bring his (clean) garden and garage working gloves out on his journey to visit all children throughout the world... :-) The Macintosh does not rotate the pictures as ordered, my apologies as I am new to the Mac and should most likely use a more professional tool than the default Mac picture viewing program Preview.

Saturday, January 26

San Francisco, US, October 29th

Late in 2007, we performed an Audio Quality Trip to the westcoast of the US; San Francisco was the designated city to visit. This was my first visit to the west coast of the US, we were lucky with the weather and found apart from work some nice restaurants as well. One to recommend for their excellent food, good service and simple yet elegant layout is the Zuni Café. There are plenty of blogs and reviews on the web so I wont write more about it here. A few pictures from San Fran has been added to show Alcatraz, the bridges in the area, the sculptures in one of the small green spaces and the famous downhill drop at the end of the Lombard Street. Enjoy!