Monday, March 26

Common working day

One of the many to-dos here in Canada involves getting the Health Insurance program up and running. We visited the OHIP office this morning to hand in the papers, well prepared. Once there I was told by the screener lady that the papers I had was inadequate, but as I had prepared it by the book I did not give in but took a number and got in the line. When asked to present my case, the lady behind the counter looked at my papers, thanked me for a well prepare case and started preparing all the paper work. All went well and I could go to work with one thing less on my mind. For the application of permanent residency I needed information to proove that I had funds to support us in Canada, so I dropped by the bank office at 17.15 and got the papers I needed. I love banks who are actually there for you, I wish Swedish banks would learn even the tiniest from the Canadian TD Canada Trust. Well at home we ate before heading to the swimming pool for a swim to unwind. Peace.

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