Sunday, April 1

Kitchener Temporary Accommodation

2007-03-31: On Saturday we drove to Guelph to see the town and to find out if the town was nice to walk in and if there was anything of interest accessible for a newcomer. In short, there was little of interest in the town and although it was possible to walk in certain areas, they were not very interesting or beautiful, at least as far as the downtown area is concerned (which is the thing that matters to us).

So instead of posting pictures of roads and concrete and the arboretum in Guelph, we will show some pictures from our temporary accommodation in Kitchener. The apartment is flashy and nicely furnished, but like most building here in Canada the builders did a poor job and no fancy furniture and all-covering carpets on the floor (ick!, the static electricity is killing me ) can cover all the crevices between wall / floor and between wall / wall. You would think it would be easy to carpet a floor, but the dividing lines have been placed in the middle of the room and doorways, directly visible to the eye. Newly built walls does not line up, and when the water pours from the bathtub into the receiving drain pipe, the water overflows and goes straight through the floor and down to the neighbor below. At least that was taken care of after only 9 days of nagging at the janitor to get a plummer, during which time we could not use the bath tub. Each day we were promised the plummer would come the next day. So in abstract, the grass is not greener on this side of the pool as far as housing goes, only dyed a bit different. Luckily we are only here a limited time.

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