Sunday, April 1

London upon Thames April 1st

Imagine traveling from Kitchener to London and walking down to Covent Garden, or strolling across the Thames on a Sunday afternoon. This is exactly what we did today, but as you may guess there is a town called London also in Canada. The town boasts a cathedral and several churches, a really nice downtown area and a mixture of food and cuisine. After spending a few hours in the town you begin to wonder if this is not the most beautiful and most walker friendly of the two London's. We came the day after Team Surprise from Landvetter again won the World Championships in synchronized skating. Anyway, we spent the day in London and traveled back to Kitchener only in the afternoon. I highly recommend a visit to London, if only to have a coffee or a lunch and a walk in the small but comfortable town of roughly 34o 000 residents. Pictures shows the Cathedral, Covent Garden Market, Art Museum and New Courthouse and the main Church, in that order.

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